Frequently Asked Questions

How can a great bookkeeper help me?

 A great bookkeeper can manage your customer invoicing, integrate with point of sale systems, electronically pay your bills, manage payroll, file sales taxes and be a capable and trustworthy partner. 

How does it save money to have a bookkeeper handle those tasks?

You can spend your time on the high-value tasks that make you the most money and know that the bookkeeping tasks are handled by experts.  Accurate books mean you don't miss out on business deductions at tax time and you are able to make good decisions with immediate financial feedback.

How can I know which bookkeeper is right for me?

 Does your bookkeeper return your calls and emails quickly? Do you feel comfortable asking them a question?  Does your tax CPA rave about the quality of your bookkeeping? With the right bookkeeper, the answers should be a resounding "Yes!"